'Dexter's seventh season may have left us on a bloody and shocking twist, but that doesn't mean Showtime intends to make us wait all the way until the season 8 premiere this fall for new blood. In what could likely be the serial killer series' final year, we've just learned of two new recurring characters to the eighth season of 'Dexter,' either of whom sound like they might be the ones to finally catch Dexter, or even Deb. Find out the new blood on 'Dexter' season 8 inside!

As 'Dexter's likely final year looms after jaw-dropping season 7 finale "Surprise, Motherf---er," fans are left with one inevitable question: will Dexter be caught by the series finale? The question has haunted viewers since the very first season, but two new casting scoops from TVLine certainly seem to point in the law enforcement direction. Or will Deb perhaps be the one to pay for her brother's crimes, now that she's committed a few of her own?

According to the report, 'Dexter' season 8 has begun casting two recurring roles: first up is that of Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a "formidable and whip smart" neuro-psychiatrist in her late 50s who assists profiling criminals for law enforcement, while second is that of former police officer Jacob Elroy. In his 40s, handsome and straightforward, Elroy owns his own private eye business, and might just be tasked with catching LaGuerta's true killer, assuming Dexter and Deb didn't cover it up as well as they'd hoped.

Well, what say you? Do you think either of the two new characters will be the one to catch 'Dexter' as the show heads into its eighth and likely final season? How will Deb cope with her actions against LaGuerta? Give us your theories and casting suggestions in the comments!