'Django Unchained' is already ramping up its marketing campaign despite not hitting theaters until Christmas. Last night during the BET Awards, Quentin Tarantino and The Weinstein Co. debuted an extended :60 TV spot for the film with some new footage (including new looks at Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson).

This 'Django Unchained' TV spot is cut in a similar fashion as the previous trailers but includes more of Samuel L. Jackson's character than we've seen before. In the film, Jackson plays an elderly slave who's the right-hand man and confidant of Leonardo DiCaprio's villainous Calvin Candie. This, obviously, puts Jackson's character at odds with Jamie Foxx's Django who is looking to free his wife from Candie's hold.

'Django Unchained' will be at Comic-Con 2012, the first time Quentin Tarantino has been in Hall H promoting one of his films (will he also bring Leonardo DiCaprio for his first Comic-Con as well?).

Take a look at the new :60 TV spot for 'Django Unchained' below and stay tuned for more on 'Django Unchained' as Comic-Con 2012 approaches.