Once Marvel has completed their Phase 2 movie slate -- including 'Captain America 2,' 'Thor 2,' 'Ant-Man,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'The Avengers 2' -- it'll be time to bring 'Doctor Strange' to the big screen. While it's still a long ways away from coming to fruition, the latest rumor coming out of the digital woodworks claims that the studio already has someone in mind to take on the job of Sorcerer Supreme -- Justin Theroux.

A "trusted industry source" over at CHUD says that Marvel is looking at Jennifer Anniston's hubby, with whom they already had a relationship with (Theroux worked on the 'Iron Man 2' screenplay), to become Stephen Strange. However, they also mention that Theroux could be working on the script and details are still incredibly up in the air. But at least he kind of looks like the comic book character.

In the realm of Marvel superheroes, Doctor Strange (aka Stephen Strange) is arguably the most powerful being in the universe. He is the Sorcerer Supreme, who's charged with protecting the world from supernatural threats, and with such a title comes an insane amount of power. In the comics, he's been known to summon demons, absorb the magic of others and a ton of other powers that Harry Potter couldn't even pull off.

Theroux has already donned the sorcerer's cape once for 'Your Highness'' Leezar, though that doesn't compare much to the kind of character that is Doctor Strange. But, according to CHUD's source, he has the interest of "the House of Lee," so who knows. Stay tuned for more details.