'Doctor Who' fans have an agonizingly long time to wait between season 7 finale "The Name of The Doctor" and the upcoming November 50th anniversary special, but thankfully the BBC won't leave us hanging on the cliff for too long. Following John Hurt's mysterious introduction, the BBC has released a new Strax teaser video identifying the character, so unravel the latest 'Doctor Who' mystery inside!

The Doctor has another incarnation, you say? That's the cliffhanger tease fans of the series were left with in season 7 finale "The Name of the Doctor," wherein the 11th (or so we thought) revealed to Clara that he has a secret regeneration locked deep within his being, as played by noted UK actor John Hurt. The character's significance will be explored in the November 50th anniversary special, but why wait until then?

A new video from the BBC has everyone's favorite Sontaran Strax ruminating on the identity of the mysterious figure, noted to be much more battle hardened than any of his predecessors. Whatever the mystery, The Doctor will need the help of his previous incarnation (David Tennant) in solving matters and restoring the balance of time!

What say you? Do you think 'Doctor Who's' secret form has more to him than meets the eye? What will we learn from the 50th anniversary special this fall? Give us your 'Doctor Who' theories in the comments!