The tenth season of Doctor Who will keep us all invested on the road to 2017, but fans will thankfully have more to enjoy beyond a Christmas special this year. After abandoning the Netflix ship, all nine seasons of the current Doctor Who will resurface on Amazon Prime to rewatch.

A new multiyear pact between BBC Worldwide North America and Amazon will return Doctor Who to streaming as early as March 27, including the first eight seasons and their Christmas specials available on Prime. Fall of this year will see the ninth season added, as well as its “Husbands of River Song” Christmas special, sometime before the newest.

Previously, Netflix had held current seasons of Doctor Who, as well as the classics, before the rights expired in early February. Amazon Prime will also retain exclusive streaming rights to coming tenth season, Steven Moffat’s (and potentially Peter Capaldi’s) last.

We’re expecting a new companion announcement any day now, but stay tuned for more Doctor Who when streaming arrives on Amazon Prime March 27.

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