We knew that the original team of Avengers would return for 'Avengers 2' plus the new additions of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. But, now we've learned that another character from the Marvel universe will make an appearance in the upcoming sequel. Don Cheadle will join the 'Avengers 2' cast, bringing Colonel James Rhodes/War Machine to the fight against Ultron.

USA Today confirmed that Cheadle, a Golden Globe nominee today for his role in Showtime's 'House of Lies,' "has a part to film" in 'Avengers 2' while he prepares for his directorial debut, the untitled Miles Davis biopic. How large his part is remains to be seen, as is whether Cheadle will appear in the film as just Rhodey, or if his superhero alter ego War Machine will also play a part. Director Joss Whedon previously said he was "about to add a few more" superheroes to 'Avengers 2' and War Machine certainly would fit that bill.

What the news also may hint at, is the long-held rumor that Tony Stark is the creator of Ultron in the film. If Rhodey appears, it could be because he's helping Stark improve the Iron Man technology.

We don't expect Rhodey to become a full-fledged member of The Avengers just yet, but it's nice that they're using some of the supporting characters from the other Marvel films to tie everything together (Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Hiddleston have previously said she won't be returning for 'Avengers 2'). What we're worried about is Whedon's penchant for killing off characters. Many have speculated that a superhero would die in this film and Rhodey, whose appearances in the 'Iron Man' films seem to have come to a close, could be a prime candidate.