When we last left Danny McBride's Kenny Powers at the end of season three, things seemed pretty well wrapped up. In fact, creators Jody Hill and McBride always talked about how they wanted to have a trilogy structure to the show, and conclude with a third. But it looks like the story isn't over, and we know exactly what Kenny Powers would say.

Kenny Powers is back, bitches. Variety confirms HBO has greenlit a fourth season to run eight episodes. The show finished up its run back in April, and unless this was kept quiet, that means we've got a while before we'll see this fourth season.

HBO's been a good home for the show and the creative team, who have recently stumbled on the big screen. Hill's 'Observe and Report' didn't do great at the box office and co-director David Gordon Green recently had two back-to-back flops with 'The Sitter' and with 'Your Highness,' with the latter written by and starring McBride.

We're very curious how they'll pull this off, because season three made it seem like the show was definitively over. Spoilers for those who haven't seen it, but Powers does something that will remove him from the sports world so he can be with Katy Mixon's April and their infant son. It doesn't seem like a smart move to put Kenny Powers in jail, but we trust that if they're going back for fourths, there's something new to explore... At least we hope so.