A few weeks ago brought us 'Eastbound & Down''s most surprising cameo yet when Marilyn Manson strolled through the scene sans makeup, but last night's series finale, "Chapter 29," really brought out the big guns. Not only did Sacha Baron Cohen make his series debut, but so too did Lindsay Lohan and 'True Blood' star Alexander Skarsgård in a surprising flash forward!

As previously predicted, Lohan appeared in a future flash-forward of the 'Eastbound & Down' series finale, taking the role of Kenny Powers' (Danny McBride) grown-up daughter, Shayna. In addition to being present for her brother Toby's high school graduation, the flash-forward saw Lohan at her own wedding and greeting her father upon his exit from the "Promises" rehab facility, where Lohan has in real life received treatment.

Less discussed was the appearance of 'True Blood''s Alexander Skarsgård as Powers' adult son, Toby, the towering actor barely recognizable underneath a wig of Kenny's signature curls and a more bronzed skin tone. For those who actually watched the finale, the flash-forward was revealed as little more then Kenny's screenplay vision of his own life's ending, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the surprise cameos.

Check out Lohan and Skarsgård's cameos in the 'Eastbound & Down' series finale clip above, and tell us what you thought of Kenny Powers' final stand in the comments!