After a memorable appearance at 2012 Comic-Con, things have been awfully quiet for 'Elysium,' director Neill Blomkamp's follow-up to the great 'District 9.' However, that looks like it's going to change very soon: an older viral site has received some additions and a new site has gone live, offering "appointments" for people in four select cities on April 8th. In other words, a bunch of people are about so see some footage from 'Elysium.'

'Elysium' takes place on a future Earth where all of the rich and well-off have retreated to a luxury space station (which supplies the movie with its title) orbiting the planet while the poor continue to scrape by on an overpopulated surface. Matt Damon stars as a surface sweller who finds himself on death's door and realizes that his only way to survive is to get to the Elysium station...where he is not wanted. At all. Since this is a Blomkamp film, action and all kinds of bloody mayhem ensues.

The first of the two sites is a corporate site for "Armadyne," the company behind Elysium. Like any company's website in the real world, it's full of platitudes and vague goals, saying a whole lot without saying anything. What makes it special is that it's a vague and dry corporate website for a company in a terrifying future world. The second site is offering users appointments for an Elysium "live demo," which is their clever way of letting you sign up to see some footage. Right now, presentation will be held on April 8th in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin and Sao Paulo, so if you're within the vicinity of those cities, get on it!

With 'Elysium' arriving in August, we'll probably see our first trailer sometime in the coming weeks. If you manage to get into one of the presentations, let us know about it in the comments below!