With the release of this summer's 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' Emma Stone's movie career is about to reach heroic new heights, but that doesn't mean the 23-year-old star is above the occasional small screen cameo. Stone is set to make an appearance in the final season of long-running Nickelodeon tween hit, 'iCarly.'

Stone will play a "high-energy uberfan" of the 'iCarly' webcast who gets in the mix when Carly and her pals attempt to find her older brother, Spencer some friends his own age, according to EW.

As an 'iCarly' guest star, Stone is in stellar company. First Lady, Michelle Obama and Jim Parsons appeared in the show's fifth season while boy band sensation, One Direction stopped by early in the sixth. Fans can look forward to Stone's appearance later in the final season, along with Jimmy Fallon and a couple of guys from 'Pawn Stars.' How's that for star power?

'iCarly' is currently in the middle of its sixth and final season with the series finale set to air in November. Star Miranda Cosgrove announced last year she was leaving the show to pursue a film career in Hollywood but has yet to star in a feature film (though she voiced a character in 'Despicable Me' and will return for that film's sequel).