If you were beginning to feel as if the 'Entourage' movie would never happen, here's some uplifting news. After what seemed like an eternity of alleged money disputes amongst the cast, the film version is now officially good to go through Warner Bros. and HBO, as announced by the cast and crew.

Jeremy Piven closed his deal back in August of this year with more digits on his prospective paycheck than his fellow cast members. However,
Deadline reaffirms that deals for Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Ferrara and Kevin Connolly have been reached, thanks to efforts by 'Entourage' movie producers
Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson.

Director Doug Ellin previously stated the that film picks up six months after the 'Entourage' series finale, seeing Ari (Piven) as a powerful studio head. The film is expected to start production in January.

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