Even as Marvel continues to crank out massively scaled spectacles, they’re always keeping one eye on the future. Ant-Man sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp won’t shrink down and infiltrate theaters until July 6, 2018, but the wheels of pre-production have begun turning on the sequel audiences apparently asked for.

Principal photography has yet to get under way, but star Evangeline Lilly — the latter party named in the title, a fellow small-getting crimefighter — tweeted that she has already knocked out her costume fitting. But the real story here is that she attached an artist’s rendering of what her costume will look like. Take a gander:

Will the torches-and-pitchforks crowd come running if I admit I find this a touch disappointing? This design really just adds a skirt, wings, and bust to Scott Lang’s costume from the first film, and beyond that, the goofy helmet that makes the would-be Avenger look like a kaiju spaceman has stubbornly remained. (Gotta court the overseas money, it would seem.) The really frustrating thing is that Wasp had a phenomenal costume in the comics, sporting a simple, clean, and altogether memorable black-and-yellow design that connoted wasps, yellowjackets, and other stinging insects.

At least Lilly will enjoy a larger role in the sequel film, bumped up from potential love interest to superheroic equal and sharing top billing. Something about Peyton Reed’s original film — maybe the lack of meaningful stakes, the generic villain, the over Iron Man-ishness to it — felt off. Maybe converting the franchise into a buddy-comedy could be a positive change of pace?

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