With Peyton Reed serving as a fine replacement for Edgar Wright on Ant-Man, fans are curious to see what the Marvel director can do with next year’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. Despite the smaller (get it?) stakes of the first film, it’s worth noting that the sequel will be the first Marvel move to have a female co-star named in the title. That’s both exciting and disappointing for fans, especially those who wonder why Scarlett Johansson still hasn’t been given her own le Carré-esque superhero spy story. Will Ant-Man and the Wasp live up to its promise, or will it be another supporting role for a female superhero?

At least one person knows that Peyton Reed will do Hope Pym justice: that’d be Reed himself. As part of a recent press conference, Marvel revealed that Ant-Man and the Wasp would begin filming in June and that it will be much more of a ‘team’ effort for the film’s two stars. Collider (via Heroic Hollywood) was there with the transcript, so here’s what Reed had to say about Evangeline Lilly’s character in the sequel:

For me as a comic nerd, I always thought of Ant-Man and Wasp as a team and that’s a lot of what the second movie is really about is how they work together, what their personal and professional relationships are like. To show her finally fully formed in this movie is really exciting. We really get to introduce this character into that universe. I mean we’ve introduced the character, but we haven’t seen her with her full power set and everything, so to me she’s not a supporting character in this movie. It’s every bit as much her movie as it is Scott Lang’s.

Lilly’s blossomed as an action star in recent years, with The Hobbit films and the first Ant-Man showing off her chops. There’s absolutely no reason why Marvel can’t turn her into a major character going forward  —  after all, like Reed notes, Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne are quite the duo in the comic book series  —  but fans should be relieved to discover that the next movie won’t be Lilly riding along for another Paul Rudd voyage of self-discovery. Now if only someone could convince Marvel to use Lilly, Johansson, and Zoe Saldana as the beginning of their own Women of Marvel superhero movie. I’d watch the crap out of that.

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