Remember Ant-Man? It’s easy enough to forget about Marvel’s Little Franchise That Could in a year dominated by galaxy guardians and homecoming spider-men and Ragnarok-ing Thors. But Peyton Reed‘s still plugging away at the sequel to the coolly received 2015 film, gunning to meet the deadline of a July 6 release next year. And in case lovable scamp Scott Lang (that’s Paul Rudd, reprising his role as the man who is ant) had fallen out of anyone’s orbit, the production has let slip a few on-set photos that reveal a detail expected to be of great interest to fans.

Some of the new set photos depict Walton Goggins in a paisley tie. Those photos are great, don‘t get me wrong. Of somewhat greater interest are the photos capturing star Evangeline Lilly in full costume as her crime-fighting alter ego The Wasp:

Though a brief snapshot of the costume was snuck into the end of the original Ant-Man film, and last month Lilly shared a photo of her costume in honor of Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday, this marks the first time she’s has been seen in the full costume, suit and helmet included. In my considered critical analysis: our girl out here looking like she’s about to roll up to a Power Rangers cosplay convention. Is that necessarily a bad thing? The answer is… complicated.

The outfit is definitely in keeping with Lang’s matching duds, by which I mean it harkens back to the jetpacked heroes of kaiju cinema, a reminder of the original film’s often glaring bids at overseas profitability. Of course, all the good stuff is under the hood; we have yet to see Lilly use the Wasp’s signature “stinger” blasters, and that’s half the fun right there.

Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters July 6, 2018.

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