We’re still more than a full year away from the release of The FlashThat could be a big problem for the movie because its star, Ezra Miller, cannot seem to keep themselves from winding up at the center of one controversy after another.

Already Miller has been arrested several times in the last few months over multiple incidents in Hawaii. There was the weird Instagram post where Miller seemingly threatened a branch of the KKK. In the last few weeks, the parents of a young woman asked for a protective order against Miller because of their allegedly inappropriate relationship with their daughter. As recently as Monday, there were reports Miller could not be located to serve them with papers related to that court case.

Now there are new reports Miller deleted their Instagram account, following a series of posts that may have been alluding to that case. According to TheDirect, which contains screengrabs of the images, Miller’s Instagram story included memes that read “you cannot touch me, I am in another universe” and another claiming to be “shielded from negative people and their ill intent.”

Miller’s old Instagram account is no longer active.

As of two weeks ago, Warner Bros. supposedly had no plans to replace Miller in The Flash — in part because the film was completed months ago, and Miller’s role as speedy superhero Barry Allen is so central to it. Replacing him would require an enormous outlay of funds for a film that was already expensive to begin with, and has been previously been delayed multiple times. So despite all the recent negative attention, Miller would likely keep his job — if the star could stay out of trouble. That seems like an enormous, DC universe-sized if right now.

The Flash is currently scheduled to open in theaters on June 23, 2023. And Ezra Miller is still currently scheduled to be its star. But that is still a year away. A lot could change between now and then.

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