Summer TV can be tough, the way it so tantalizingly teases us from afar, much as the season itself.  We've got 'True Blood,' 'Breaking Bad,' 'Weeds,' and FX's shows, not to mention all of TNT's summer slate.  So for those looking for their sci-fi kick until 'The Walking Dead' returns this fall, how about a fresh look at season 2 of the Spielberg-produced post-apocalyptic invasion drama 'Falling Skies?'

We've already shown you the first three minutes of the June 17 premiere "Worlds Apart" (say, isn't that the name of an upcoming 'Fringe' episode, too?) as well as a refresher course of the first season of 'Falling Skies,' so it's about time we got a closer look at some new and recurring characters!

As a breakout character of the first season, we knew that the lovable rogue John Pope (Colin Cunningham) would be back in a big way, but who knew he'd have his own personal crew to boot?  Calling themselves the "Berserkers," Pope's new crew of rebels travel with, but operate independently of the 2nd Massachusetts, often taking far more extreme measures to combat the Skitter menace.

For those unfamiliar with the series, ‘Falling Skies’ follows former history professor Tom Mason as one of the leaders of a human resistance force desperately struggling to fight back and survive in the aftermath of an alien invasion that killed off 90% of the planet’s population.  In addition to protecting his children, Tom maintains a close relationship with the resistance’s doctor Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood), as well as charismatic rogue John Pope (Colin Cunningham) and military leader Captain Daniel Weaver (Will Patton).

Check out the brand new clip from MTV going behind the scenes to introduce Pope's new group of "Berserkers," leave your take in the comments, and be sure to catch the second season of TNT's 'Falling Skies' when it premieres on Sunday, June 17!

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