The following post contains SPOILERS — both real and fake ones that got shared online even though they were not true — for Doctor Strange.

Not all of us possess the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto, with a light so powerful it can pierce through mystical fogs to reveal the hidden truths underneath. Still, a few of the following inaccurate rumors about Doctor Strange are so silly they probably should have set off the old B.S. detector when they started spreading through the interwebs. (SPOILER ALERT: The Old B.S. Detector is secretly the sixth Infinity Stone.)

To the credit of the collective internet movie journalism community, there were generally fewer false rumors about Doctor Strange than there were about Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman, or Suicide Squad. I’m not sure whether that’s because writers exercised restraint in speculating about this movie, or because there’s simply less hype and anticipation about Strange than those other films, and thus less appetite for rumors, true or otherwise. Either way, without further ado, here are 25 false Doctor Strange rumors.

(Oh and I reserve the right to update this post to 26 false rumors in the near future; Bleeding Cool says Doctor Strange is gonna show up on Netflix’s Iron Fist.)

25 ‘Doctor Strange’ Rumors That Turned Out to Be False

1. “Sources say that Marvel has a script ready to go for a Doctor Strange movie, which would see the light of day in 2013.” —

2. “The Dr. Strange movie is set BEFORE The Avengers.” — Blastr

3. “Don’t be surprised if Doctor Strange is at least introduced in Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe, or if Dr. Strange joins The Avengers 2 as a 2015 release.” — ScreenRant

4. “Tony Stark may have a cameo in Doctor Strange.” — The Angry Ginger

5. “Paired with the scoop from the Ginger, and it suggests that Tony Stark may appear in a mid- or end-credits sequence.” — Cinema Blend

6. “Brother Voodoo will also be making an appearance in full costume.” — That Hashtag Show

7. “Doctor Strange will run 130 minutes.” —

8. “[Joel] Edgerton has too many commitments for his other films this year and so who could replace him [as Doctor Strange]? How about Viggo Mortensen?” — ScreenRant

9. “Could Andy Serkis be Dr. Strange?” — CineFix

10. “My trusted industry source tells me that Marvel is eyeballing someone that they already have a relationship with for the lead in a confirmed Phase Three projects: Dr. Strange. The name? Actor/screenwriter Justin Theroux.” — CHUD

11. “Nick Fury and SHIELD locate a strong power reading from a mountain in Tibet.” —

12. “The third page starts with Doctor Strange begin tired and goes to lay down for the night and in the morning is awakened by his trusted partner Wong.” —

13. “You’ve probably guessed from way back when we saw set photos of Strange shooting in New York City streets that Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelson) and his followers are going to attack the Sanctum Sanctorum in some way. That could be by opening a portal to Shuma Gorath.” — Latino Review

14. “Strange will have an encounter with magic of some kind, as well as sub-atomic particles. Fans of Ant-Man know this probably means a journey to the micro-verse, or some variation of it. It’ll be this encounter with another dimension that leads him on a quest to find the Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton.” — Nerdist

15. “Strange finds an 80-year-old man called ‘The Ancient One.’ Strange checks the Ancient One’s vitals and Jade, a beautiful Asian woman in her 30s, prepares to slice Strange’s neck.” — Latino Review

16. “Last but not least, making an appearance in a huge action sequence is a ... GIANT MINDLESS ONE.” — Latino Review

17. “Mordo takes Strange on a tour and they end up at Stonehenge.” — Latino Review

18. “[Rachel] McAdams will most probably play Clea, Doctor Strange’s eventual apprentice-love interest/wife-successor.” — Venture Capital Post

19. “Strange watches a battle at Stonehenge that took place 2,000 years before the birth of Christ.” — Latino Review

20. “[Mads] Mikkelsen could be playing Nightmare.” — Parent Herald

21. “Fans have already speculated that [Mikkelsen] would be perfect to play the powerful mystical being, Dormammu.” —

22. “Benedict Cumberbatch to battle Mads Mikkelsen as Satannish?” — Youth Health

23. “Mads Mikkelsen is playing the human host to the entity D’Spayre who is using an Infinity Stone to help destroy the world.” — Bleeding Cool

24. “Iron Fist has appeared in the lore of the Avengers and Daredevil and it is possible that he could make appearance in Doctor Strange ... If [Iron Fist] is introduced in the Marvel film, Scott Adkins is the most suitable actor to play the part.” — Realty Today

25. “[Daniel] Bruhl is not the main villain in Captain America: Civil War but could potentially be the top menace in Marvel’s Doctor Strange.” — Variety

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