Just when you thought the next season of 'Family Guy' couldn't get any weirder after recruiting Johnny Depp to reprise the iconic role of Edward Scissorhands, they go and pull a holy hat trick.  After an initial appearance as himself a year ago, and making a cameo in Seth MacFarlane's feature-film debut 'Ted,' Ryan Reynolds will make his third appearance for the animation mogul on 'Family Guy.' But who will he be playing exactly, and when will it air?

According to Entertainment Weekly, movie star Ryan Reynolds has booked a second appearance on 'Family Guy,' following his appearance in season 10's "Stewie Goes For A Drive" playing himself.  This time however, Reynolds will guest in the show's Christmas episode, playing "the son of God."  No, not that one, however.  As 'Family Guy' executive producer Mark Hentemann explains, “He’s God’s previous attempt at an immaculate conception — his first son that didn’t quite work out.”

The voice-over marks Reynolds third collaboration with MacFarlane, having previously guested once on the series, as well as making a cameo in MacFarlane's feature-film debut 'Ted.'  Reynolds joins the slew of impressive guest stars to appear in the further-impressive eleventh season, including Johnny Depp reprising the role of Edward Scissorhands, 'The Hunger Games' star Elizabeth Banks, and 'Twilight' hunk Kellan Lutz.

What say you?  Are you excited to have Reynolds back on 'Family Guy?'  Who would you like to see guest on the series?  Sound off in the comments below!