The second season of FX powerhouse Fargo ended about as spectacularly as we’d hoped, closing a ribbon on the 1979 thriller with few overall deaths, but plenty of surprises all the same. That said, Season 2’s timing called into question if Season 3 could reasonably premiere within the span of 2016, while creator Noah Hawley confirms we’re more likely looking at a 2017 return to Fargo.

Hawley spoke to reporters in a recent post-finale conference call, unwilling to delve into too many specifics of the show’s sure-to-be-Emmy-winning third season, apart from the likelihood of a spring 2017 premiere. The first run aired from April to June of 2014, while Season 2 premiered in October of 2015, belying a likely later production date for Season 3.

You won’t see it in 2016. It’s a winter show, and we don’t have the time to film this winter.

Clarifying that production would likely start back up in November, Hawley also confirmed a 2010 setting, close enough to have breached a “selfie-oriented culture,” though it might not necessarily guarantee the return of many Season 1 characters as we’d hoped. “The danger of bringing [past characters] back is the artifice is too clear,” said Hawley, noting that it would strain credulity to have Molly and co. undergo so many murderous misadventures. (Via EW)

Hawley will at least remain at the reins, despite the Fargo showrunner’s increasingly busy FX schedule, but is the Coen brothers-adapted series best served by time to recharge? However will we find TV to watch until 2017, in this otherwise barren landscape?