Centering around a Season 1 character seemed practically a footnote against the brilliance of Fargo Season 2, but Season 3 will certainly continue the tradition. FX confirms at least one character from past seasons will return for the 2010-set return, itself airing in 2017.

Speaking at the TCA press tour, FX boss John Landgraf declined to say which character might resurface in Fargo Season 3, though the 2010 setting could potentially cull from either season. So says Landgraf (Via EW):

As far as I know, there is one [character returning. That doesn’t mean [series creator Noah Hawley] might not change his mind and there might not be more.

Production likely set for November 2016, we know of Fargo Season 3 that the 2010 setting will enter “selfie-oriented culture.” Hawley will at least remain at the reins, despite the Fargo showrunner’s increasingly busy FX schedule, while it remains unknown what Coen brothers influences can we expect this time around.

Stay tuned for the latest on Fargo Season 3, as we learn which character (or characters) return for another round of Minnesota mayhem.