It wasn’t terribly long ago that two-time Flash director Kevin Smith accidentally revealed his upcoming episode title as “Killer Frost,” and recent episodes have more than leaned into that heading. So it is, that the seventh episode press released teases Caitlin giving over to the dark side, and turning on her former friends.

The CW released its official episode synopsis for November 22 outing “Killer Frost,” as directed by Smith before his Supergirl gig. This time out, it looks like Smith had just as much emotional material to handle as last year’s “The Runaway Dinosaur”:

KEVIN SMITH DIRECTS; KILLER FROST EMERGES — Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) uses her powers to save Barry (Grant Gustin) but as her mother predicted, the effort unleashes her inner Killer Frost. Killer Frost goes on a rampage looking for Dr. Alchemy, kidnapping Julian (Tom Felton) and battling both The Flash and Vibe (Carlos Valdes). Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) have a heart to heart talk.

It isn’t entirely clear if Caitlin’s powers were a direct result of “Flashpoint,” or would have emerged in the prime timeline as well, but might Dr. Alchemy be able to reverse it, as he’d brought out powers in others? Will “Killer Frost” answer if Alchemy and Julian are in any way related?

Check out the trailer for November 15's “Shade” while we wait.

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