The CW wasted little time after Kevin Smith’s Flash episode to return him for another run in Season 3, one imminently gearing up for production. Smith even teased his return over Twitter, but may have inadvertently revealed a frosty and telling episode title in the process.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, but it was Smith himself who shared the cover page of his upcoming Flash Season 3 script, slotted as the seventh episode of the season. As with many a director/producer before, Smith covered the episode title with his pen:

All harmless enough, until you glance toward the top of the page, and peer through the paper to header that seems to read “Killer Frost,” as Heroic Hollywood did. It’s not completely legible, but definitely the kind of spoilery title producers would have asked Smith to obscure.

After all, Flash fans will remember that Caitlin Snow’s comic alter-ego “Killer Frost” made her memorable debut on Earth-2 this past season, eventually falling victim to Zoom. Producers have previously stated that Barry’s “Flashpoint” changes wouldn’t affect the other Earths, but should Smith indeed helm a “Killer Frost” episode, we might finally see Danielle Panabaker’s Earth-1 character given her meta-human transformation. After all, Caitlin has been notably absent from Season 3 promotion thus far.

It might not take long for Flash producers to confirm the title (or Smith to perhaps pull the tweet), but might Killer Frost become a permanent fixture in Season 3? Watch the latest trailer below, ahead of the October 4 premiere.

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