The Flash has primarily made use of time-travel to visit the past, but with Savitar’s murder of Iris looming, a trip to the future is in order. As such, next month’s “Once and Future Flash” may finally introduce us to the 2024 Barry, complete with a much more comic-looking costume.

The CW debuted a first official trailer for April 25 (!) installment “The Once and Future Flash” (directed by Tom Cavanagh himself), as Barry heads to the future to learn Savitar’s identity. There’s plenty to take in, between emo Future-Barry’s hair, Killer Frost, and Wally in a wheelchair, but take a look at this likely-future costume for Season 4:

The Flash 2024 Costume
The CW

Seeing as the episode won’t premiere until April 25, The CW has yet to release an official synopsis for the hour. Nonetheless, Grant Gustin had suggested that The Flash costume was overdue for an upgrade, so will Barry take this 2024 version back to Cisco, just has he had with the current costume’s white logo?

Check out the “Once and Future Flash” trailer above, and stay tuned for more on Season 3's endgame as we head into April.

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