For two series steeped in time-travel, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow don’t generally affect one another very often. Legends in particular made little use of a 2056 recording from Barry Allen, but now that Flash has dropped the big Savitar reveal, we may just revisit Barry’s dark future.

You’re warned of both Legends of Tomorrow and Flash Season 3 spoilers from here on out, but it wasn’t until the four-way crossover that we learned the full scope of 2056 Barry’s message to Rip Hunter, which teased a coming war, and advised Hunter against trusting anyone. That point hasn’t been revisited upon Rip’s return to Legends, or the time-splitting Season 2 finale, but according to Entertainment Weekly, the revelation that another, scarred future Barry is in fact Savitar will tie the two threads together:

Yes, the message left by a future Barry cautioning Rip Hunter against trusting anyone in the future, including himself, does tie into the reveal that Savitar is future Barry Allen. In fact, that particular point will be addressed very soon. ‘Someone does point out that suddenly that message makes a lot of sense,’ EP Andrew Kreisberg says.

There’s still a great deal to make sense of between Barry and Savitar, as the Season 3 big bad has a long way to go from (potentially) losing Iris in 2017 to becoming an armored “Speed God” that fought speedsters throughout history. It’s also difficult to imagine why an older-sounding Barry would be sending messages to Rip Hunter from 2056, when the version encased in Savitar’s armor still appeared relatively young.

In the meantime, The Flash will start unraveling the Savitar mystery further with next week’s “Cause and Effect,” so watch the trailer below and stay tuned.

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