Unlike its CW predecessor, The Flash ended its season on a significantly “Fast Enough” cliffhanger, an even more daunting prospect given the sci-fi seriousness of our beloved Scarlet Speedster. Season 2 has yet to run before cameras, but might its premiere title offer a surprising clue into “The Man Who Saved Central City”?

Take this one with the usual grains of salt, but ComicBook.com managed to uncover the title page of Season 2’s Flash premiere, crediting the overall story to executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, with script duties falling to Kreisberg and Gabrielle Stanton. Ralph Hemecker will direct the October 6 premiere, having previously helmed “The Man in the Yellow Suit“ and retro CBS throwback “Tricksters.”

Now, toss a few further grains of salt (or really, the whole damn shaker) from here on out, but the inherent irony of Arrow and Flash titles (not to mention Stephen Amell’s consistently subversive snark) has taught us not to accept their face value, in that Barry Allen himself may not prove the savior in question. After all, given the the closing image of Barry racing into a wormhole, talk of visiting parallel Earths in Season 2, Flash-ier teases and the suggested casting of a hero to back them up, we wouldn’t be surprised if Season 2’s October opener served to introduce us to a different man, and/or Central City altogether. Just a theory, mind you,

We’ve yet to hear many conclusive details of The Flash Season 2, apart from Barry receiving a new love interest, or the continued teasing of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but could “The Man Who Saved Central City” prove something of a misnomer? What other surprises might lie in store at Comic-Con 2015, or in The Flashvs Season 2 premiere?

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