The Flash may have royally screwed up the timeline by its Season 2 finale “The Race of His Life,” but the hour brought with it plenty of other startling revelations to play with in Season 3 this fall. Chief among them, that masked star confirms we’ll see his character again in Season 3, as well likely to share some involvement with the most recent Legends of Tomorrow twist.

You’re warned of full spoilers through last night’s Flash Season 2 finale, as well last week’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 closer, but if you hadn’t heard, the man in iron mask has been revealed. Following some earlier hints, The Flash set fan hearts aflutter by revealing former franchise star John Wesley Shipp as the real Earth-3 Jay Garrick, who himself got out of dodge before Barry started monkeying around with his own world’s timeline.

That certainly leaves the door open for Shipp’s Garrick to return as an uneasy mentor (he does share the face of Barry’s dead father, after all), something Shipp himself confirmed to Entertainment Weekly:

Yes. I’ve been given permission to say that yes, they have all kinds of exciting and interesting plans for me, that are interesting not only in the context of the storyline, but they continue to spin out, which will be very challenging for me as an actor. That’s all I’m allowed to say about that. But yes, I will be back next season.

Not only that, but Shipp well knows Garrick’s role in founding DC’s Justice Society of America, which not-so-coincidentally made its first appearance in Legends of Tomorrow’s one-week-earlier finale. The actor doesn’t yet have an official appearance locked in, but told IGN:

The thing that’s exciting for me about this is Henry Allen had a limited shelf-life; a very important shelf-life. I’m so happy I had those raw, emotional experiences, but it was coming to a close, and it was pretty linear what his role in the show was. Now suddenly, Jay Garrick is wide open. Like you suggest, if they’re going to have a Justice Society, well that’s got to include Jay Garrick, and also my role in The Flash. This is actor speculation, by the way; this isn’t anything that I’ve been told. The only thing that I’ve been told is there is so much more that we can do with you – meaning me, John Wesley – than we could before. Andrew and Greg both said, “We can’t to start writing it.”

It remains to be seen how The Flash will rectify the big “Flashpoint” twist that emerged after Shipp’s unveiling as Garrick, particularly how it affects the other CW series, or feeds into a universe-shattering crossover that could well bring Supergirl into the fold. We’ll learn more in the coming days and weeks, but did The Flash Season 2 finale’s big reveal give us a better Jay Garrick?

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