A few weeks ago, we learned that Legends of Tomorrow might introduce a major DC hero (sadly not Batman Beyond) in its finale to set up Season 2, and now, said mystery man at least has one name. Suits and Orphan Black star Patrick J. Adams will give Legends of Tomorrow a boost into Season 2, but as whom?

Per Entertainment Weekly, Adams will first appear in Season 1 finale “Legendary” as a “fun character the fans will love,” previously described in rumors as a “beloved superhero from the DC canon” whose mysterious agenda serves as “a launching off point for Season 2.” The character will also appear in the Season 2 premiere, with the potential to recur or return thereafter.

Most have pushed the speculation toward DC favorite Booster Gold, given the hero’s time-traveling nature and connection to Rip Hunter, as well that DC boss Geoff Johns recently implied some plans in the works for a live-action Booster Gold. Legends showrunner Phil Klemmer previously suggested the character was off-limits for TV, perhaps with film plans in the works, but we’ve seen the two branches share characters before.

Legends of Tomorrow will return with tonight’s “Left Behind,” but who might Adams end up playing?

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