The Flash may have revealed the face under the Zoom mask, but several weeks later, we’re still not closer to making sense of the villain’s actual identity. There’s also that complication of a mystery man in an iron mask, but according to Teddy Sears himself, fans may be stuck waiting until the finale to make sense of it all.

You’re warned of full spoilers through aired episodes of The Flash Season 2 from here on out, but let’s try to make sense out of Zoom reveals to date: First, “Jay” showed Caitlin his Earth-1 doppelganger “Hunter Zolomon” (Zoom’s comic identity), before we learned that Zoom kept an iron-masked captive on Earth-2 who cryptically tapped out the name “J-A-Y” to Barry. Then, we saw what appeared to be Zoom impaling “Jay” on Earth-1 and bringing the body back to his lair, dumping it on the ground and removing his own mask to reveal … Jay Garrick. Or rather, another figure with his face.

That didn’t get any less complicated when producers seemingly confirmed that Zoom was in fact “Jay,” while forthcoming trailers shift the emphasis back to Hunter Zolomon, to say nothing of which double is actually which, what body Zoom actually impaled, or what the man in the iron mask has to do with it. Well, don’t get your hopes up for clarity, as Teddy Sears himself revealed to Entertainment Weekly that answers might wait until the May 24 finale:

Is there anything you can say about the man in the iron mask and why Hunter has him locked up?

If you’d asked me this question last week — my answer still has to be the same because it’s just such a big reveal; we reveal it in the finale — I had no clue last week. I didn’t know who the guy was. I didn’t even have a clue. Well, of course, now I know because we’re shooting the finale and we’ll get to that stuff next week. All has been revealed to me. I don’t even know what to say because it’s such a fun thing to me being nice and vague and untouched. I can promise that it will be revealed and it will be quite satisfying.

That … doesn’t clarify that much, if perhaps discrediting that another Jay could be lurking underneath that mask. Perhaps Barry’s father Henry (John Wesley Shipp), who’s been conspicuously absent all season?

We’ll hopefully learn more with “Versus Zoom” on April 19, but is anyone else getting a headache? When will The Flash finally answer these Zoom questions, and will it make our brains hurt any less?

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