March episodes of The Flash haven’t done very much to explore the fallout of Zoom’s true identity (other than clue the team in), and while we’ll have to wait until mid-April for fresh episodes, it looks as if The Flash will be full-stop “Versus Zoom” by the latest trailer, going deep into the character’s mysterious origin.

Following last night’s timey-wimey “Flash Back,” The CW released the full trailer for “Versus Zoom,” which deepens the mystery around Zoom/Jay considerably. We know that the man under the mask at least looks like Jay Garrick, whose Earth-1 doppelganger appeared to be the mild-mannered “Hunter Zolomon,” to say nothing of that masked man in Zoom’s lair who also tapped out the name Jay.

This time around, it looks as if the April 19 hour will venture into Zoom’s past as serial killer Hunter Zolomon, potentially even his childhood (note Jay/Zoom handing the famous winged hat to a young boy the narration identifies as Hunter Zolomon, along with shots of a children’s hospital). We also see a long-haired Jay/Hunter getting shock treatment with a slotted mask that looks suspiciously like Zoom’s, but how does it all fit together?

We’ll have to wait until April 19 to know for sure, but in the meantime, check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for the latest Flash.

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