Well, we can't say we didn't see this one coming. After FOX's 'Gotham' added a young Harvey Dent to its ludicrous gallery of prequel Batman villains, we now know who will grow into a young Two-Face. 'Masters of Sex' (and 'Heroes!' Don't forget 'Heroes!') star Nicholas D'Agosto has landed the role of 'Gotham' ADA Harvey Dent, a character likely to become a major fixture on the series.

Per Deadline, D'Agosto's young Harvey Dent will arrive on the 'Gotham' scene as a bright, charming, idealistic Assistant District Attorney whose sole mission is to eradicate the crime and corruption that has poisoned the city. Although we know Dent will inevitably serve as "the white knight Gotham needs so badly as a DA," the character will also supposedly give us "a fleeting glimpse of the hideous villain he will become — Two-Face."

Sources say that D'Agosto's role as Harvey Dent will only prove recurring for the moment, with an option to turn series regular in (the inevitable) season 2. Monday's upcoming episode "The Balloonman" will also introduce 'Dexter' star David Zayas as DC mob boss Sal Maroni, known to comic fans as the figure who would inevitably throw the acid that disfigures Dent, beginning his transformation into the villainous Two-Face.

For those unfamiliar with Nicholas D'Agosto, the onetime 'Office' and 'Heroes' guest star also recently reprised his 'Masters of Sex' role for the season 2 finale, and had previously been attached to CBS' discarded 'HIMYM' spinoff 'How I Met Your Dad.' Of course, D'Agosto's Harvey Dent is just one of many Batman villains to be paraded through 'Gotham''s first season, the likes of which already include the Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Poison Ivy and Victor Zsasz. Episode 4 of the FOX prequel drama will introduce the show's rendition of Arkham Asylum, the institution said villains will all one day call home.

And lest we forget, D'Agosto's casting marks the fourth actor to play Harvey Dent in live action, following 'Star Wars' vet Billy Dee Williams in Tim Burton's 1989 'Batman,' Tommy Lee Jones taking over the role in 1995's 'Batman Forever,' and finally Aaron Eckhart in Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight.'

We're certainly not high on 'Gotham''s early episodes, but what do you think? Is Nicholas D'Agosto's young Harvey Dent the white knight the show deserves, if not the one it needs right now? Check out the latest clips below, and give us your take on FOX's 'Gotham' in the comments!

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