No one had exactly clamored for Netflix to revive the Tanner family of Full House for a new Fuller House sitcom, though the reunion admittedly lost some luster when the now-fashonista Olsen twins declined the opportunity to reprise the role of Michelle. Now, we’ve learned how Fuller House will handle the absence, by … being weirdly rude over the phone? You got it, dude.

Granted, no one quite expected either Olsen to abdicate their post-acting careers for a reunion special few wanted in the first place, Us Weekly reports that Fuller House will take a bizarrely meta approach to Michelle Tanner’s absence. See for yourself:

A show insider tells Us that Fuller House characters will mention that Michelle is now living in New York City and working on creating her fashion empire. This is a not-too-subtle reference to the Olsen twins’ real lives, as both reside in the Big Apple, where they head up such fashion lines as The Row and Elizabeth and James.

That … might seem fine in and of itself, it’s the next tidbit that might throw fans for a loop. Apparently, another episode will see members of the Tanner family repeatedly prank-calling Michelle to spout her old catchphrase, “You got it, dude!” You know, kind of like your family does when they’re totally fine with your successful career keeping you away from the odd family reunion. Totally normal. Everything’s fine here … now.

For those as intrigued by the absurdity of Fuller House as we are, so reads Netflix’s synopsis:

In Fuller House, the adventures that began in 1987 on Full House continue, with veterinarian D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Cameron-Bure) pregnant and recently widowed, living in San Francisco. D.J.’s younger sister/aspiring musician Stephanie Tanner (Sweetin) and D.J.’s lifelong best friend/fellow single mother Kimmy Gibbler (Barber), along with Kimmy’s feisty teenage daughter Ramona, all move in to help take care of D.J.’s two boys — the rebellious 12-year-old J.D. and neurotic 7-year-old Max — and her soon-to-arrive baby.

Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber all star, with fellow Full House alum John Stamos set to produce and reprise his role asUncle Jesse. Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin have all agreed to guest roles as well.

We don’t yet have an official premiere for Fuller House as of yet, but what other bizarre omissions and referencing can we expect? And as always, the most important question:

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