From high-speed car chases to…high-speed motorcycle chases. Furious 7 and Fast and Furious 6's director of photography is revving up to make his very own directorial debut, but as the saying goes, stick with what you know. And that’s what Stephen Windon is doing with Full Throttle, the upcoming action flick which replaces fast cars with fast bikes.

Per Deadline, the Australian cinematographer has set Full Throttle as his first feature directorial effort, following in the footsteps of several other DPs who have made the jump to full-fledged directing — recently, that was the case with Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer, who made his directorial debut with last year’s Transcendence.

Full Throttle is based on a script by Todd Slawsby, and centers on a motorcycle racer who suffers a devastating crash in Singapore. Working in Kuala Lumpur as a courier, the former racer’s girlfriend is abducted, forcing him to reluctantly get back on his bike to avoid authorities and meet the exceedingly dangerous demands of the criminals who are holding her hostage.

Taking a tip from the increasingly global Fast franchise, Full Throttle will also shoot abroad, primarily in Malaysia and Singapore. Windon helped visually guide the two most recent and totally bonkers entries in the Fast series, which means we can probably (hopefully) look forward to similarly insane stunts in his feature debut.