We'll take "Things That Sound Completely Awesome" for $500, Alex.

While FX continues to diversify its landscape with both gritty TV dramas and recently three-camera "comedies" like 'Anger Management,' we've just learned of one new project we'd happily drop a beat to. Music mogul Dr. Dre is trying his hand at the TV business by developing a music/crime drama for the edgy network, but what will it entail? And will there be a place for Snoop Dogg Lion?

In today's completely awesome news of the day, Variety has announced that FX has bought a script, and put into development a new crime drama from hip-hop artist/producer and all-around music mogul Dr. Dre. Written by Sidney Quashie, the project will explore present day Los Angeles through the lenses of the music and the crime businesses.

Beyond that, very few details are available, but it's safe to say that Dr. Dre (real name Andre Romelle Young) won't be finishing up his long-awaited album "Detox" just yet. Quashie and Dre will executive produce, with Daniel Schnider from Dre’s company Crucial TV and Brad Bertner co-executive producing.

What say you? Do you think Dr. Dre has the street cred to make it on the TV landscape? What do you think the new drama will cover, and how autobiographical will it be? Give us your take on the new series in the comments below!