First, there was FX's acquisition and endless replaying of past 'Two and a Half Men' episodes.  Then, the network acquired the rights to air episodes of 'How I Met Your Mother' as well.  Recently, we've seen the debut of FX's new three-camera Charlie Sheen sitcom 'Anger Management,' so have you noticed a trend yet?  And guess which CBS sitcom is next for FX?

According to Deadline, FX has officially landed the rights to CBS series 'Mike & Molly,' to begin broadcasting repeat episodes beginning in September 2014.  As part of an exclusive deal, 'Mike & Molly' joins its fellow CBS series 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'Two and a Half Men' on FX.

Recently, it was also announced that CBS' other comedy hit '2 Broke Girls' would eventually land on TBS, joining fellow CBS off-shoot 'The Big Bang Theory.'  So, what's FX's endgame here? Acquire enough of CBS' quality programs, slap  a CBS sticker on the logo, and hope no one notices?  Crazier things have happened, after all, this is the network that passed up 'Breaking Bad.'

So, what say you?  Are you happy to have all your favorite CBS comedies in one place...that isn't CBS?  Which shows would you like to see FX buy?  Sound off in the comments below!