A few months ago we were surprised and saddened to learn that acclaimed FX dramedy 'Louie' was to take a long hiatus while comedian Louis C.K. toured and developed new material, finally premiering its fourth season in 2014. New reports about FX's evolving structure however could mean that when 'Louie' returns in 2014, it may not return to FX at all, but rather a spin-off network! Find out if "FXX" is the new home of FX comedies inside!

We're going to treat this one as a rumor for now, or at least a mere possibility, but reports have surfaced from Broadcasting & Cable that Fox Networks and FX are entertaining plans to spin-off a new channel, tentatively titled "FXX." The new network would take the place of Fox Soccer, and likely take with it all of FX's comedy programs and stockpiled films.

So while 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' 'Louie,' and FX's other comedies would move to FXX, the original FX would remain in place and continue its focus on dramas like 'Justified' and 'Sons of Anarchy,' or upcoming series 'The Americans.' The move to divide FX into drama and comedy would resemble a similar approach employed by Turner Broadcasting's decision to move TNT comedies to TBS, or AMC network's approach to IFC.

Should FX move forward with its plans to spin-off FXX, the move would likely take effect in September of this year, and debut to 75 million subscribers. So far, Fox Networks have issued no official comments on the rumors.

Well, what say you? Would you follow FX's comedies to a new spin-off network? Would it make for better lineups on both ends? Give us your thoughts in the comments!