It wasn't all thrills and chills last night during the premiere of FX's terror-laden thriller 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' and that's a good thing considering how little sleep we got last night.  Along with a teaser for the fourth season of FX's Justified, we also caught our first glimpse at upcoming Keri Russell period spy drama 'The Americans!'  So, what did the new teaser reveal about the undercover KGB action?  Who will rise when the series debuts?

The 'Red Dawn' remake might not have panned out as well as everyone hoped, but the next big national invasion drama will be found on the small screen in FX's 'The Americans.'  FX offered a brief teaser of the series last night during its teleplay of 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' which we have to say, however cool seemed like it was rushin' to avoid showing any actual footage.

Debuting in Early 2013 with a full 13-episode season, ‘The Americans’ takes place in the early 1980s following  Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell), one half of a KGB-arranged marriage planted within suburban Washington D.C..  Her relationship with her husband Philip (Matthew Rhys) becomes increasingly tested by the Cold War’s escalation, and the “dangerous and darkly funny” associations they maintain with a network of spies and informants under their control.  Along the way, spies Elizabeth and Philip Jennings find their fake relationship growing more passionate and genuine on a daily basis.

Take a look at the cool new teaser below, and tell us if you have any interest in 'The Americans' in the comments!