Game of Thrones may have left Cersei in a position of power greater than any she’d achieved thus far, even if the new Queen’s reign was likely to be a short one, with Daenerys’ dragon-backed fleet racing for Kings’ Landing. Fans have long-theorized who might be the one to ultimately end Cersei’s life, but who does Lena Headey feel deserves the honor?

You’re warned of potential Game of Thrones spoilers from here on out, but where the HBO drama left out Maggy the Frog’s literary prophecy that Cersei’s life would end at the hands of the “Valonquar,” or “little brother,” there’s no guarantee the show would adhere to said idea. After all, the “little brother” idea has been contorted to match Tyrion, Jaime (born just after Cersei) or even The Hound, whose theoretical victory in a “Cleganebowl” against Cersei’s champion Ser Gregor Clegane would seal her execution.

Obviously, HBO’s rendition has set wildfire to that last possibility, between a surviving Hound keeping his distance from Kings’ Landing, Tommen eliminating trial-by-combat, or Cersei obliterating her accusers, but who else might finally take down the new Queen? Well if Jaime doesn’t end up slaying another mad monarch, Lena Headey tells People she’d hope for a “great death by Arya.”

Arya’s certainly an option, given the kickoff of her murder-tour at The Twins with a knife to Walder Frey’s throat, but another Headey suggestion to Entertainment Weekly said “No one would relish her death as much as [Tyrion] would.” As far as Season 7, one at least imagines Tyrion to play a role in defeating Cersei, if not killing her outright.

Of course, Game of Thrones Season 7 has even longer to sort out any big deaths than usual, given word that wintery production requirements would push filming (and potentially a 2017 premiere) later than in previous years. If nothing else, we at least know what directors have signed on for the seventh season, as well as a fan-favorite costumer.

It remains to be seen if any and all death prophecies come true for Cersei, but who most deserves (or should be burdened with) the honor of killing her off?

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