Game of Thrones Season 6 hasn’t picked up from a major Dorne shocker in the premiere, but as the release of George R.R. Martin’s latest Winds of Winter chapter reminds us, fans far prefer the nuanced storyline of the books to the show’s stunted adaptation. So much so, in fact, that some cheeky fans have raised over $20,000 (of $20 million) to “fix” the Dorne storyline by filming their own version.

You’re warned of some light Game of Thrones spoilers from here on out, as well the (somewhat) satirical nature of said Kickstarter, but “Fixing Dorne Productions” has put together an elaborate crowd-funded proposal to film an alternate take on the Dornish storylines begun by Season 5, intended as a “plug and play” option for each episode:

Our plan is to create a “patch” for Game of Thrones season five’s Dorne storyline with our own fairly interesting and competently executed alternative plot. Once we finish with our promised delivery of season five, we will continue as far as the rest of our funding will take us into season six and beyond.

Enthusiasts will rejoice to know that these scenes will “plug and play” with the existing episodes, meaning that all they have to do is watch the episodes as usual on HBOGO or blu-ray, pause whenever the show’s “Dorne” comes on, and play the next supplemental scene in its place before skipping to the end.

The proposal (which as of publishing, stands at upwards of $24,000) comes from Game of Thrones trivia boardgame writer David Panfilo, producer Sean Ireland, Vincent Pezzutti and artists and writers Teela Wyman and Jonathan Ying. Extending beyond the $20 million goal, the group even proposes to approach the actors to reprise their roles, and most pipe dream of all, create a version of the series where Ned Stark survives through Season 5 (10/10 would watch).

Seven blessings, folks. We’re with you on the Dorne scenes lacking a bit of oomph, but good luck with HBO!