Game of Thrones’ big Hodor twist has been dissected every which way; whether it does, or doesn’t spoil the books, and even word from Kristian Nairn himself, but nothing feels quite so devastating as the onslaught of new “Hodor” gags wrought by Sunday’s “The Door.” For that, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss must apologize.

Be wary of spoilers for Sunday’s latest Game of Thrones from here on out, but the loss of Hodor was heart-wrenching enough without the new interpretation of the character’s name, now revealed as a seizure-induced cry of “hold the door.” If you’ve been anywhere near a closing door in the past 48 hours, you’ve likely heard someone put a joking spin on the twist.

For that, shworunnders David Benioff and Dan Weiss stepped down from their lofty piles of money to issue a pre-taped apology to Jimmy Kimmel Live! viewers, less so for killing the character, and more the unfortunate jokes in his wake. Still, as even the video proves, no one associated with Game of Thrones is ever safe.

Sure, Game of Thrones has courted its share of controversy with fans, but amid all the death and misogyny fans have previously sought apology for, take this as a measure of solace.

Now, maybe they’ll finally apologize for cutting Daario’s blue beard, the monsters.

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