We spotted over 100 Easter egg, little details, and hidden Game of Thrones secrets you might have missed on the Season 2 Episode 2 of House of the DragonIn our latest video we’ll break it all down for you.

We’ll explain the symbolic meaning of the model’s destruction, and what sets House of the Dragon apart from other fantasy series like The Lord of the Rings. We’ll point out some important tapestries you can spy in the background of certain scenes, and what they mean, and we’ll also discuss the Small Council scene and its hidden double meaning. And we will also discuss the tiny detail in Aegon’s costume that you might not have spotted that reflects not only his state of mind, but creates the image of a dragon split in two, which is a perfect symbol about the state of his family at this point in the series.

Watch our full Season 2 Episode 2 video breakdown below — it’s over 30 minutes long this week:

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