Of all the Stark children from 'Game of Thrones,' split across the vast landscape of Westeros by their father's death and forced to make their own ends, poor Sansa Stark has hardly proved a favorite among the fans, at least in the first two seasons of HBO's adaptation. The young girl certainly came into her own a bit by the end of the season, particularly against Tyrion Lannister and Joffrey, but what will befall Sansa when season 3 premieres on March 31? Actress Sophie Turner previews her character's role in the new season inside!

Sophie Turner's Sansa Stark might be put upon by near of the entire Lannister and Baratheon family as she remains an unwitting prisoner of Kings' Landing, but the character's path toward self-actualization will certainly ramp up in the imminent third season. Turner recently spoke to the Associated Press of Sansa's journey this year, which may not alter her circumstances much put certainly puts the character through the emotional ringer.

"I can tell you that Sansa kind of goes through this little roller coaster on Season 3 emotionally, she kind of gets her hopes up a little at times and they kind of get crushed -- as per (usual) pretty much, nothing much different," said Turner. "It's very emotionally testing for Sansa this season."

Fans of the George R.R. Martin series well know that 'A Storm of Swords' proves a pivotal turn for Sansa, the HBO series covering roughly half of its content in season 3, but we wouldn't expect Turner to be so cavalier with the details right away. At the very least, Turner will share plenty of time with Peter Dinklage's Tyrion Lannister, saying "Peter's such a cool guy, he's amazing to act alongside with and I think I've been really lucky in terms of having worked with Sean Bean closely -- him being my dad, (Ned Stark) -- and now Peter, I'm very lucky getting to work in scenes with these guys because they're big successful actors."

We'll see for ourselves when the new season premieres on March 31, but what say you? Will Sansa's story this year prove every bit as interesting to fans as the rest of 'Game of Thrones' season 3?