Game of Thrones advanced far enough by Season 6 to stage its own meta-play of the major events, allowing creators to blow off a little steam in the process. We didn’t see the half of it, apparently, as a new Season 6 deleted scene reveals a greatly extended look at the play, allowing Arya a few potshots at would-be critics of the production.

Included among the many deleted scenes from Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season (out now, hint-hint) is an extended look at the play from “The Door,” far more complete in its recounting of King Robert’s fall than the version we saw. As if that weren’t enough however, the scene also features Arya repeatedly dismissing two women unamused by the production, calling it “utterly gratuitous” or full of “violence and profanity … how original.”

As you can imagine, there’s a bit of meta-message there (and be warned, nudity from the scene is intact). EW had previously spoken to writer Bryan Cogman of the scene, who offered:

Being able to comment on the show and the reactions to the show through the players were so much fun. The show is often accused of being gratuitous in all kinds of way – the violence and the bigness of the characters. It’s a huge operatic story. We’re able to lovingly spoof ourselves but also play with ideas about how audiences view the show, good and bad, and how a perspective of a story changes.

No doubt Season 7 will grow even more violent and gratuitous as winter begins to overtake Westeros, but stay tuned for the latest on Season 7 in the meantime, and pick up the Game of Thrones Season 6 home release.