It was a big week for Game of Thrones in all corners of Westeros, but at least one soul might not live to see another week. The so-called “Sons of the Harpy” claimed the life of at least one major still-living character from George R.R. Martin’s books, while tonight’s hour also introduced us to the Sand Snakes, and a deadly new faction in Kings’ Landing.

Book reader or otherwise, you’re warned of all the Game of Thrones spoilers from here on out, as the “Sons of the Harpy” started a bloodbath in Mereen that may yet have claimed the lives of two main members of Daenerys’ entourage. The masked assassins started just enough trouble around town to lure in Grey Worm’s unit, only for the Unsullied to find themselves surrounded by gold faces. Grey Worm himself looked all-but done for until the timely arrival of Ser Barristan Selmy, but when the dust settled, both men lay stabbed and unconscious on the ground.

Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy Review Barristan

Granted, “dead” isn’t always dead when it it comes to TV, and either man might sputter to life with a bit of help, but at least for now, Barristan appears to have fallen short of his literary counterpart. Surely, Rhaegar Targaryen would have sung a mournful tune for his end.

So while Daenerys may be down a companion or two, little does she know that the exiled Jorah Mormont has officially set sail for his beloved queen, carrying a bound-and-gagged Tyrion Lannister as his saving grace. Tyrion himself managed to annoy the disgraced knight long enough to get his gag removed, laughing upon his realization that both men had been headed for Daenerys anyway. Still, Jorah was in no laughing mood, as Tyrion deduced his captor’s identity and intent, and suggested that Daenerys would be equally likely to execute Jorah for his betrayal.

Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy Review Jorah

Misplaced faith proves to be a dangerous gambit this week, as Cersei empowered the High Sparrow to resurrect the “Faith Militant,” trading grey for chained black robes and grisly symbols etched into their foreheads. Not only were the Faith Militant total party-poopers, smashing barrels of ale and marketplaces throughout the kingdom, but so too did the group return to Littlefinger’s brothel to enact holy revenge on all its sinful inhabitants.

Worst of all, Cersei arranged for the group to seize poor Loras Tyrell for his “perversions,” something a livid Margaery demanded her boy king rectify. Try though he might, Tommen received no help from his mother, and shrunk away from an attempt to confront the Sparrow himself, not wanting to spill any blood of the holy servants guarding the Septum. Margaery was naturally none-too-pleased, and took away her king’s … ahem, playtime.

Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy Review Loras

Ironically faring better with the ladies this week was Jon Snow, getting a sexy visit from Melisandre in hopes of persuading the new Lord Commander to retake his former home at Winterfell. Ever weak in the knees around redheads disrobing, Jon Snow seemed tempted for a minute, but refused the mysterious woman out of honor and his undying love for Ygritte. And what do we say when our favorite bastard does something stupid?

Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy Review Melisandre

Of course, Jon’s sister Sansa seemed to be settling back into Winterfell just fine, overlooking her Aunt Lyanna’s crypt before Littlefinger dropped by with a bit of exposition on Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen’s “kidnapping.” Littlefinger of course used the privacy to creepily plant one on the eldest Lady Stark, but not before intimating that Stannis Baratheon would more than likely succeed in retaking Winterfell, and elevate Sansa to “Wardeness of the North” before taking Kings’ Landing. Girl gettin’ promoted!

Powerful women are in no short supply in Dorne however, as “Sons of the Harpy:” finally introduced us to the Sand Snakes, Tyene, Nymeria and Obara. The lancing ladies deferred to Ellaria in her intent to start a war over Oberyn’s death, torturing a ship’s captain who claimed to have information on Jaime Lannister’s presence in Dorne.

Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy Review Sand Snakes

Oh, did we not mention that part? Everyone’s second favorite buddy pairing (Tyrion + Bronn 4 Life) finally made it to the shores of Dorne, feasting on snake and exhausting about every opportunity to remind us of Jaime’s solid gold hand-icap. The thing finally came in handy however, as Jaime inadvertently used the appendage to catch the sword of a Dornish guard who’d made them. Still, we’ll give you three guesses who got stuck with burial detail.

Something of a transitory week, Barristan Selmy’s death not withstanding, but what now? Will Daenerys finally hunt the “Sons of the Harpy” through every inch of Mereen? How will she take Jorah and Tyrion’s arrival, assuming the duo make it without strangling one another? No one would argue that Daenerys would make a stronger leader than Tommen at this point, but will the Faith Militant turn on Cersei as well? Can someone finally get Bronn his own assistant for all that exhausting labor?

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