Unsurprisingly, 'Game of Thrones' weddings have been the talk of the season between this past Sunday's all-new episode "Second Sons" and the multiple manners in which Robb Stark's marital actions last season have come to complicate the Northern rebellion. As we head into the climactic final episodes of season 3, should we be worried for any of the upcoming unions?

For as long as 'Game of Thrones' readers have been dreading major events of the books brought to life on screen, the final two episodes of the current season will no doubt change the landscape of the series going into the HBO drama's fourth season. To help preview the changing dynamics, HBO has issued a new look into the politics of marriage within the 'Game of Thrones' world that reminds viewers how important marriage alliances can be.

Between Tyrion, Sansa, Cersei, Loras, Margaery, Joffrey, Robb and the Freys, marriage will no doubt have a large impact on the final episodes of 'Game of Thrones' season 3, but what do you think? Will June 2 episode "The Rains of Castamere" prove deadly for any of the power unions? How will 'Game of Thrones' close out the third season with half of George R.R. Martin's "A Storm of Swords" still to go?