Gentle Giant has made a name for itself as the purveyor of fine sculpted collectibles over the past decade, and this year's Comic-Con exclusives should prove no different. With licenses ranging from Marvel Comics to The Walking Dead to Star Wars and beyond, Gentle Giant has a little bit of something for everyone. At Comic-Con 2017, those somethings might cost you a little bit more time and money, but when it comes to cool 6" statues, it's tough to beat Gentle Giant's selection.

Despite being among the more expensive exclusives at SDCC, Gentle Giant's goods almost always sell out before any given day is over. If you've got intentions on picking up one or more of the pieces, you will definitely want to prioritize this booth early. There are no pre-line lines or lotteries either, so Gentle Giant offers its daily allotments on a first come, first served basis. Just hope you don't mind walking around with some hefty statues for the rest of the day.

Gentle Giant

Spider-Man Animated Statue ($TBD)

Based on the artwork of Skottie Young, the "animated" Spider-Man statue apes the Baby Marvel work Young has done over the past few years for variant covers. The classic costume does look great in this style, and Spider-Man is one of the characters Young's Baby version works with rather well.

Gentle Giant

Princess Leia Hologram Statue ($140)

Coming in at 12" tall, the Princess Leia hologram statue is a translucent recreation of Alderaan's last princess calling to Obi-Wan for help against the Empire. The base includes a working light that will illuminate Leia with a blue glow, giving her even more of a holographic presence. Only 770 of these statues will be made, as a nod to the 1977 release of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Gentle Giant

X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker Bust ($100)

Both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will get 40th anniversary busts from Gentle Giant at Comic-Con this year. The characters will be available separately for $100 each, or as a special set for $200 combined. Both are 1:6 scale busts, so they should come in around roughly 4"-6" tall including the base. The two statues also feature the lightsabers used by both in A New Hope, though they are not removable.

Gentle Giant

A New Hope Darth Vader Classic Bust ($100)

Gentle Giant

Han Solo McQuarrie Concept Bust ($120)

The original design for Han Solo was vastly different from the final version in the films, but fans have always been drawn to Ralph McQuarrie's concepts for the Star Wars franchise. This bust was already released in limited quantities at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, but now fans will have a chance to snap up this throwback at San Diego as well.

Gentle Giant

The Walking Dead Negan Bust ($120)

Based on the television version of everybody's favorite bat-wielding psychopath, Gentle Giant's Negan bust is the latest in a long line of AMC's The Walking Dead products from the company. While a more action-centric pose would have been cool, you still get a good sense of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's measured maniac in the resting pose.

San Diego Comic-Con kicks off July 19. Gentle Giant will be at booth #3515 all weekend.