Now that the Disney Channel's proposed 'Boy Meets World' sequel/spin-off series 'Girl Meets World' has officially gone before cameras, we've seen a number of photos of past and present franchise stars stopping by the set. The former cast members' appearances didn't necessarily mean their characters would appear in the pilot, save for one exception revealed today. Mr. Feeny is back, y'all! Find out what role William Daniels has in 'Girl Meets World' inside!

Feenay! Fee-hee-hee-hee-heenay! It seems as 'Boy Meets World' fans patiently wait for news of beloved former characters reprising their roles on 'Girl Meets World,' William Daniels' somewhat-obsessive educator Mr. Feeny can officially be crossed off the list. In addition to dropping by the set of the Disney Channel's upcoming pilot, TVLine has revealed that the character will indeed be present for the pilot episode.

It isn't known if Mr. Feeny will have a role within the school where Cory Matthews (returning Ben Savage) teaches his daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard), or simply interrupt his retirement for an appearance, but the photos from the set at least put Daniels in the characters natural habitat of the classroom. Meanwhile, Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) and Will Friedle (Eric Matthews) simply visited the set in the earlier photos, and reportedly have no role within the pilot episode.

Well, what say you? Are you happy to have Mr. Feeny back for at least the pilot episode of 'Girl Meets World?' What past characters from the series would you like to see appear if 'Girl Meets World' goes to series on the Disney Channel?

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