The forthcoming 'Boy Meets World' spinoff-sequel series 'Girl Meet World' may never prove exactly what we envision in terms of returning to the iconic TGIF franchise, but at long last, we have our first real look. Disney Channel's 'Girl Meets World' has conjured its first trailer along with a June 27 premiere date, so what can we make of Corey and Topanga's big (backgrounding) return to 'Girl Meets World'?

Whereas the first trailer took a more cornball approach to highlighting the relationship between returning Corey (Ben Savage) and his daughter Riley (Rowan Matthews), the latest look at 'Girl Meets World' takes us fully into the Matthews' clan's new New York lifestyle, which includes Corey as his daughter's very own Mr. Feeney. There's even a new Minkus, Farkle!

Scheduled to premiere the first of 21 episodes on June 27, here’s how The Disney Channel describes ‘Girl Meets World’:

Set in New York City, the new comedy series will tell the wonderfully funny, heartfelt stories that Boy Meets World is renowned for — only this time from a tween girl’s perspective — as the curious and bright 7th grader Riley and her quick-witted friend Maya (played by Sabrina Carpenter) embark on an unforgettable middle school experience.  But their plans for a carefree year will be adjusted slightly under the watchful eyes of Riley’s dad who’s also a faculty member — and their new History teacher — and Riley’s mom who owns a trendy afterschool hangout that specializes in pudding.

Don’t worry about ‘Girl Meets World’ lacking for ‘Boy Meets World’ throwbacks either, as William Daniels (Feenay!) will also return for the pilot, while subsequent episodes will see Lee Norris reprising the role of Minkus, and near of the entire original cast coming together for the holidays.

We'll definitely tune in for the first few episodes, but in the meantime check out the first full 'Girl Meets World' trailer above, and tell us what you think in the comments! Solid sequel to the franchise, or shameless tie-in?

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