Lena Dunham broke into the cultural consciousness at SXSW in 2010 with her charming indie 'Tiny Furniture.' The film was instantly divisive as Dunham played a semi-fictional version of herself -- a meandering twenty-something who moves back home post college break-up -- along with her mother and sister in supporting roles. But beneath all that quiet quirk lie a film with some real heart and uncompromising honesty, which is what we're hoping for with her new series for HBO, 'Girls.'

Dunham's 'Girls' is produced by Judd Apatow and sees Dunham reuniting with 'Tiny Furniture' co-stars Alex Karpovsky and Jemima Kirke, as well as actress Zosia Mamet ('Mad Men,' 'United States of Tara'). The series follows Dunham and her friends as they navigate  the familiar aches of life and all of the growing up, cumbersome responsibility and self discovery one is burdened with in their twenties, but they get to do it in New York.

The trailer indicates the same mix of self-awareness and fearlessness that made 'Tiny Furniture' so great. Bonus: Peter Scolari.