Fans of HBO's 'Girls' well know that the acclaimed HBO dramedy isn't solely about the titular gender, but also tends to highlight its "Boys" as well. Adam Driver's Adam in particular has broken out as a character despite his recent dissociation with Hannah, but will he be able to hold his own story from Sunday's episode "It's Back?" And what new bombshells does Shoshanna drop that have Marnie literally running for the hills? Find out in the latest 'Girls' previews for Sunday's "It's Back!"

Those who bemoan the occasional raunchiness of HBO's 'Girls' may not want to know what the titular pronoun of Sunday's all-new episode "It's Back" refers to, but the character of Adam will certainly be back after last week's "Video Games" focused on Hannah and Jessa's trip to visit the latter's father. HBO has released two new clips from Sunday's "It's Back" which see Adam reluctantly agreeing to meet an older woman's daughter ('Roswell's Shiri Appleby), while across town Marnie learns of a surprise turn for Charlie.

Will Hannah come rushing back if Adam finds a new lady love? Will Marnie be able to get out of the dumps if Charlie becomes a success story with his new app? Check out a preview of Sunday's 'Girls' below, and tell us what you think of the new season in the comments!