While it's incredible to think that HBO's 'Girls' often gets half the ratings, yet twice the attention of something like Showtime's 'Shameless,' it's hard to believe that 'Girls' has almost already reached the end of its second season, kicking off with this Sunday's "On All Fours." Dirty sounding titles aside, Sunday's episode will see Hannah experiencing a setback while Marnie goes after her dreams, and Adam continues things with his new lady-friend Natalia (Shiri Appleby), but how would you like an early sneak peek?

'Girls' second season will soon come to a close (don't worry, season 3 will feature 12 episodes), as the Brooklyn cast of characters find the ends they've worked toward all season may not turn out exactly as they'd hoped. HBO has released two new clips from Sunday's "On All Fours," in which Adam gets in deeper with his new girlfriend Natalia, while Marnie pursues her recently-realized ambition to become a singer.

Naturally, Hannah will show up to complicate things for Adam eventually, but will Marnie find her new dream cut short? And what of Ray, blissfully unaware of Shoshanna's little doorman transgression in last Week's "It's Back?"

Check out a preview of Sunday's 'Girls' episode "On All Fours" below, and give us your predictions for the final two episodes of the season in the comments!